To register your system you will need the serial number from the bottom of your Nintendo GameCube or the back of your Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP. To register your game purchases you'll need the "PIN" number found on an insert inside certain newly released Nintendo games.

Some of the perks you'll receive for registering your products include exclusive screenshots, wallpaper, strategy tips and more! Also, consumers who register multiple games will periodically become eligible for special offers. Keep checking back for updates.

Why should I register my products?
Registering your games and systems will immediately unlock cool stuff on Consumers who register multiple games will periodically become eligible for special offers. Keep checking for updates on the latest promotions.

Where do I find the game product identification number?
The product identification number for your game can be found on a separate card inside the box the game was packaged in. Not all games can be registered. Visit our Central Registration Page for a list of games that can be registered.

Where do I find the system's serial number?
You will find the serial number on the back of your Game Boy system or the bottom of your Nintendo GameCube. The serial number begins with one or two letters (i.e. DS, AU, XU) followed by a sequence of numbers. If the last number of the serial number is slightly shaded or in a box, please be sure to include it as well.

What Nintendo games can I register?
The first games that will take advantage of the new Nintendo product registration program are Mario Party 5, 1080: Avalanche and Mario Kart: Double Dash for Nintendo GameCube and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for Game Boy Advance SP. Future games manufactured directly by Nintendo will be eligible for registration. Look for the insert containing your PIN inside the packaging of games you purchase. Games released prior to November 11, 2003 and games made by 3rd party licensee companies are not eligible for registration.

What Nintendo systems can I register?
You can register your Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Advance using the serial number found on the system. Other Nintendo systems, such as, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Color are not eligible for this program.

I'm entering my systems serial number, but it won't accept it.
Please make sure that you are entering your serial number correctly. The serial number for Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Advance is on the back and the serial number for Nintendo GameCube is on the bottom. The serial number begins with one or two letters (i.e., DS, AU, XU) followed by a sequence of numbers. If your serial number includes a last number that is slightly shaded, please be sure to include this number as well. You will not be able to register systems purchased for use outside of the United States, it's Territories, Canada, and Mexico. If you continue to have problems entering your serial number, please contact Nintendo's Consumer Service Department at 1-800-255-3700 or for assistance.

How does the system registration impact my warranty?
The product registration program does not impact your warranty. Your warranty was registered at the time of purchase. Nintendo systems carry a twelve-month warranty, which is the longest standard warranty in the video game industry. Games sold separately carry a three month warranty. You may want to keep your cash register receipt as proof of purchase.

Can I register my Nintendo product purchases over the phone?
No. Nintendo's product registration program is available online only.

I own two copies of the same game. Can I register both of them?
No, you can only register once for each applicable game title or system you own. There would be no extra benefits for registering more than one copy of a game.

I mailed in the registration card found in my Nintendo system's box. Do I still need to register online?
The registration card you filled out and sent in to Nintendo is part of a program that has been replaced by our new, online registration program. When we receive the card you sent you will be entered into our sweepstakes. However, to take advantage of Nintendo's new online registration program you will want to register your purchase online as well. Some of the perks for registering your system online include the ability to access exclusive screenshots, game tips, wallpaper and more!

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