Game Boy Player

The Set-up
Set up couldn't be simpler. The Game Boy Player fits snugly to the bottom of the Nintendo GameCube adding just one inch in height. Pop the Game Boy Player system disk into the Nintendo GameCube and attach the Game Boy Player to the bottom via the High-Speed Port Connector. Don't worry if you have a Nintendo GameCube Modem or Broadband adapter, they'll work too--you can plug them in and still attach the Game Boy Player

The Games
Games galore. The Game Boy Player plays over 1200 games for the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance systems. Bring out your old favourites or see games like Castlevania take on a whole new life on the big screen. Now you can see all those beautiful graphics and hear all the amazing sounds through your killer home TV setup. Game Paks slide into the Game Pak Slot located at the front of the Game Boy Player. Don't forget to play your Nintendo GameCube games now and then though -- it's easy to switch from playing Game Boy games to Nintendo GameCube titles.

The Controllers
Take your pick. Grab a regular Nintendo GameCube controller or go wireless with the WaveBird. Or plug in a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable (sold separately) to control the action with either a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP.

Multiplayer Action
Single player games are fun, but multiplayer is when things really heat up! Think of your Game Boy Player as "just another Game Boy" and you'll understand how it works. The Game Boy Player can be connected to other Game Boy systems with the appropriate cable using the External Extension Connector on the front of the Game Boy Player. See the diagram on the left to get up to four friends hooked up.

Adding A Little Spice
We're guessing you like variety. Twenty on-screen borders allow you to add your own touch to your favorite video games, and two gameplay screen sizes are available. The smaller size reveals more of the border and makes the image look crisper for some games. The larger size fills most of your television's screen and shows just a sliver of your selected border.

Nintendo e-Reader
The Nintendo e-Reader is a special Game Boy Advance accessory (compatible with the Game Boy Player) that enhances supported games through the use of special trading cards. Just plug your e-Reader into the Game Pak Slot on the front of the Game Boy Player, then slide your cards and play! For more information, please visit

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